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Member Profile: Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong’s member profile from Cryonics September 2014 has been added to the website. Part of the growing constituency of life extension advocates and activists in British Columbia, Carrie Wong splashed into cryonics head first upon learning about it when she attended a meeting of the Lifespan Society of British Columbia at the University of […]

Cryonics Magazine 3rd Quarter 2020

Cryonics Magazine 3rd Quarter 2020 is now available on the website. Featured articles include: How to Sustain an Organization for Over a Century. Part One: Corporate LongevityIn this two-part article, Max More reviews the track record of different types of organizations to survive for very long periods and what it means for Alcor. Interview with […]

Netflix Documentary: Hope Frozen

An English language version of the Netflix documentary Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice was released September 15, based on the 2015 Alcor cryopreservation of a 2-year-old Thai girl with brain cancer. A trailer can be found here: https://www.netflix.com/title/81072979 The documentary has received quite a bit of press coverage: The Sun, UK: “HOPE FROZEN: […]

Member/Patient Profile: Hal Finney

We are in the process of adding more Member Profiles to the website from back issues of Cryonics magazine. Hal Finney’s Member Profile from Cryonics, 2nd Quarter 2019, is actually a Patient Profile — Hal was cryopreserved in 2014. Hal, who had cryopreservation arrangements with the Alcor Foundation for over 20 years, was Bitcoin’s earliest-ever […]

Does cryonics mean I have to change the way I live?

Q: I enjoy activities that are fun but may be dangerous sometimes, like mountain climbing, scuba diving, and wilderness exploration. I understand that these activities could cause me to die in a place where I may not be retrieved in time for a good cryopreservation, or at all. Would signing up for cryonics mean that […]